Business Plan

Smartnet is very transparent,easy to understand,easy to access and operate and gives every individual the freedom to choose his own style of working to make most of it. The system targets to the "Consumers" and" Direct Seller" of Smartnet.

Consumers are the indiviuals who buy Smartnet products from the direct seller of the Smartnet. Conusumers register with the Smartnet to avail discounts on product MRPs after their purchases to reach a certain value slab. Once a customer is satisfied with the quality of Smartnet products then they have the choice to earn financial benefits in the form of income and bonuses and become a Direct Seller of Smartnet.

Smartnet has out lined discounts based on the products MRPs. A consumer gets more discounts when he makes more product purchases as the discounts are directly proptional to the value of the purchases made.

Direct sellers are the indiviuals who want to explore Smartnet as their career. Direct Sellers can avail multiple oppurtunities in the form of different Commissions, Incentives, Rewards, Recogntion.

Types of income

  1. Performance Incentive
  2. Award and Rewards
  3. Discount Retail Profit
  4. Team Sale Bonus
  5. Retail Leadership Bonus
  6. Royalty Income on Team


Total Visitors


Total Members


Total Business


Total Payout